Mukesh Makwana

Ward Sspomitapi (12)

Live and work for the community.

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Mukesh Makwana

Let’s make our community better together

Hi! I am Mukesh Makwana, your member of our community.

My goal will be planning for a sustainable community where everyone is safe, has access to services and where individuals and families can meet their needs for education, health care, food, housing, economy, infrastructure, employment, and social and cultural expression.

Safety | Infrastructure | Economy

The Changes are Obvious

Being a community member, I can serve tirelessly and be a voice for our community.

Safe Community

Make A Better World

Safety in our community is crucial to me. I will work to enhance safety and security in our community.

Better Health Care

Lead A Happy Life

I will work for better health care and infrastructure to build our community strong.

Grow Economy

Work Together

Work with local businesses to create more employment opportunities to grow the economy in our community.

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I want to be City Councillor and serve you for Ward SSPOMITAPI